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Badges Story:
Recalling Memories of British Hong Kong through Badges

To say you love British culture, it can mean you simply enjoy luxurious British afternoon tea experiences, admire the royal family members’ charisma, or even are skilful in using the distinctive yet sarcastic British humour – the essence of the culture. As for Bryan, the founder of Badges Story, British culture is a critical and inseparable part of his childhood memories.

‘Though I am a British culture fanatic, it does not necessarily mean I am thus in the pro-colonization camp’, stated Bryan. Not every interest has to be political, right? One would not deny Hong Kong carries a colonial history. I just happened to grow up during that period and have fallen in love with the cultural products which accompanied my growth.’

Stepping into the store of Badges Story, you would instantly be mesmerized by its museum-like artistic atmosphere. Not only are there UK-imported merchandises of military and royal warrant brands, ranging from leather shoes, sunglasses to gent’s umbrellas, but also items collected from foreign antique stores, such as household troops’ uniforms, military figures, peak caps, guns and medals – all are collectables of exceptional value. ‘As the weather in those foreign countries is generally drier, these items are kept in fairly good conditions. Take these exquisite and valuable royal medals as examples, they were all awarded by the Queen in Buckingham Palace and were meticulously crafted by royal warrant jewellery shops’ masters,’ Bryan spoke in detail while showcasing his treasures.

8 years have gone since Bryan founded this brand. For the first 3 years, the store was operated online. It was not until the fourth year when he eventually had his own studio. Since then, joining hands with his design team, this owner who comes from a multimedia background has started to manufacture limited edition items of the house brand, launching products like T-shirts, air force-style leather jackets, medal collection boxes and a series of medals with Hong Kong themes. Apart from operating the retail business, Bryan also hopes to collaborate with various people and organizations to hold more cultural exchange activities. ‘We have been organizing an event called “Gent’s Talk” regularly, sharing with the crowd information about men’s lifestyle – like British leather shoes’ care methods and the history of famous British cars. Recently, we have also invited Dr. Simon Shen to partner with us and roll out a brand named “Global Badges Story”. This brand would hold activities to share with the participants the immensely interesting and rarely known history of Hong Kong’s relations with foreign places. It will also design limited edition badges relevant to the themes, which can add to our fellow enthusiasts’ collections,’ Bryan shared.

Badges Story3/F, 15 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay

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