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CHOK Muay Thai Gym:
Train Not to Be Defeated by ‘Lows’ in Lifes

‘When I was young, I learned kung-fu on a rooftop martial arts training ground. So, here really makes me feel at home!’ CHOK Muay Thai Gym’s owner Mark expressed.

Climbing up the terrazzo steps to the fourth floor, CHOK Muay Thai Gym will appear right in front of you. Its indoor Thai boxing gym on the fourth floor embraces a vibrant hue of bright yellow. Upstairs you could even find a rooftop filled with artistic graffiti where learners can take a fresh breath and break a sweat under the boundless sky.

Mark told us Thai boxing has gotten rid of its old fierce fighting image these days and has transformed into a sport mainly for getting fit and losing weight. More girls are now showing up in classes. Despite such trend, in Mark’s mind, sports or martial arts are not only for strengthening our bodies but also for nurturing a mentality of perseverance and turning perseverance into people’s ‘habit’ in life. There must be times when you get defeated in a boxing ring, but if you can overcome those setbacks and bounce back, naturally, you will be able to conquer the difficulties outside the ring more easily. Prior to the grand opening of CHOK Muay Thai Gym, Mark happened to encounter some knotty renovation and logistics issues. While the others might still be blaming the whole wide world, Mark already took actions and resolved each problem swiftly. ‘Back then, we carried those sandbags weighting over 100 to 200 pounds up all by ourselves – and even this entire boxing ring!’ Mark said. ‘Always persevere, no matter how the lows try to defeat you in life,’ he remarked.

The Red Pepper Restaurant: G/F, 7 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay

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