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FEVERGUY: Dream Chaser

Most people regard “hobby” as their spiritual sustenance, and some find it as a way to relieve stress. Among which, a small group of people managed to turn their interests into careers, actualizing their dreams.

Dream Chaser: A Brick-and-Mortar Shop to showcase the Beauty of Creativity

During his studies overseas, Johnson, the founder of FEVERGUY, has developed a passion for Kickstarter products. However, he realised that these creative inventions are only available for sale on crowdfunding online platforms, meaning the buyers can only see the real deal upon delivery. To give a better customer experience, Johnson decided to open a brick-and-mortar shop upon his return to Hong Kong to showcase all-things-creative.

Dream Catcher: We Only Sell Cool Stuff

Opening a brick-and-mortar shop in the digital age seems to be going a step backwards. “Many think that an online shop is sufficient to do business in this day and age. But consumers may still find it hard to determine the quality of a product just from a picture on the website, given the number of editing technologies out there,” says Johnson.

He added that Kickstarter still sparks hesitation among consumers due to a lack of tangible experience. FEVERGUY, therefore, fills this gap by letting buyers touch and feel these creative inventions before purchase.

Johnson is a dedicated curator. When a new product piques his interest, he will first watch all of its related videos on Kickstarter, then reach out to the inventor to get to know more about the product, before sourcing it for his shop. “Our motto ‘We Only Sell Cool Stuff’ is printed on every package as, unlike other shops, only rare-finds could be found here.”

Dream Come True – From a Shop to an Exchange Hub

For Johnson, a shop is more than a place to do shopping. It’s also a spot for good dialogue. “We treat our regular customers as good friends. Some visit us with alcohol, some bring Kickstarter news, others will even usher my customers when I’m busy with something else.” As such, he’s chosen to actualize his dream in an old tenement building, located in the well-preserved, metropolitan Causeway Bay. It’s where customers can let their hair down and engage in meaningful conversation.

Hobbies bring joy, make you forget the stresses of life and is the best motivator to chase your dreams. Like Johnson, you could also develop your interests and pursue your life-long goals!

FEVERGUY: Shop A, 3/F, Po Foo Building, 1 Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay

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