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Yoga Refine: The Journey for Body, Mind & Soul

No one would’ve expected the talkative and bubbly Janet, principal of Yoga Refine, to be a victim of depression in the past. Fortunately, she discovered an opened window and found her way out of the darkness. It was through that window that she embarked on the yogi’s journey of mind and body.

“Relaxation isn’t about doing nothing; it’s about enjoying the beauty of life,” she says. A decade ago, Janet hit a rock bottom due to family issues and she tried yoga by chance. At first, Janet only regarded yoga as a spiritual activity, but after just three months of practice, she gradually calmed down and felt an unprecedented sense of peace and satisfaction. This was when she decided to embark on the journey of learning and promoting yoga.

Nurturing Yoga Instructors of the Future

“The forward bend teaches us to be humble and the backbend tells us to open up; the plank fosters strength and the headstand instills courage,” she says. Janet believes yoga can clear our minds and release negative thoughts. Having experienced the positive changes that yoga has brought to her life, she decided to start a yoga course for teachers so as to better spread the positive vibes and benefits of yoga to the wider community.

A Short Escape from the Daily Grind

Hectic city life makes people forget how to relax and unwind. As such, Janet chose to open her studio in the Lee Gardens Area: “This is a relatively low-density nook in our bustling city. Transportation is convenient but it’s not busy – it’s the perfect escape from the reality for us to open up our souls and get to know ourselves again,” she says.

The Meaning of Yoga Practice

“After practicing yoga for a while, you will no longer define yoga by fancy poses,” she says. For Janet, perfecting complicated poses is not the ultimate goal in yoga, but rather a thorough understanding on the meaning of the practice and the impact it has on our dispositions. “Practicing yoga consistently allows us to look into our souls, quiet our emotions and cultivate energy to face both futures unknown and the challenges in the present day,” she says.

“The practice of Asana aligns our consciousness with our bodies and, as such, alter our personalities and thoughts. This is why yoga is regarded as an activity that involves both the mind and body.”

In the beginning of her yoga journey, Janet, like other amateur practitioners, focused on the changes on her body and neglected the quieting of her mind and soul. But with prolonged practice, she finally understood the true meaning of yoga. “Learn to let go of our fast-paced breaths and our egos and feel the changes from your heart. Don’t force or hold comparisons. No matter how difficult the posture is, one will naturally understand it without pressure!” Such spiritual satisfaction is far superior than material joy and can change our mindsets in the long run.

Yoga Refine: 4/F, Yun  Ping Road, Causeway Bay 

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