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“EGGssentially Art!” Egglettes Festival 2017

2017/03/04 - 2017/03/05

On March 4-5, Hysan Development and Lee Gardens Association jointly presented “EGGssentially Art!”, a full weekend’s worth of street festival based on an all-new concept incorporating art with egglettes, Hong Kong’s most famous street food. Seven restaurants and egglette parlours offered a curated menu of the most diversified choice of egglettes at a single event. Art installations featuring egglettes were also displayed under a background of vibrant live music. While enjoying the delicious snack, some egglette lovers also joined the fun art workshops to try finger-paintings, and participated in the fitness demos to fully enjoy a refreshing weekend.

  • Date: 2017/03/04 - 2017/03/05
  • Time: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Price:Free
  • Location:Lee Garden One Driveway