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Lee Gardens Under the Invisibility Cloak’ Guided Tour

Saturday, 2019/09/28

Lee Gardens may be seen as a luxury shopping destination in the heart of the Causeway Bay concrete jungle. Few people realized that the whole area was a hill more than 100 year ago. Despite drastic changes in the landscape, many special ‘Tong Lau’, traditional Chinese shophouses, have been preserved which now intermingle with vibrant, innovative shops.

This summer, the Lee Garden Association and Walk in Hong Kong will introduce ‘Lee Gardens Area Under the Invisibility Cloak’, a tour that will take you through tenement buildings to discover shops selling various things, ranging from stylish and trendy items to traditional food and products. While we introduce you to the more hidden parts of Causeway Bay, you will answer trivia questions and play games to win prizes!

  • Date: 2019/09/28
  • Time: 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
  • Language:English
  • Price:HK$100 (including fees for tourism guide, food-tasting, interactive experience and insurance)