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Museum CONTEXT: Museum with No Rules

Wandering in Museum CONTEXT, you would not be asked if you are a fan of Harry Porter; you would not be prohibited from taking photos all around; and you would not be forced to make any purchase – totally no rules whatsoever! But is it truly a museum? Despite the answer being no, Andrew and Michelle, the two owners, would really love everyone to enjoy the antiques and Harry Porter merchandizes in the store as they put their heart and soul into collecting them from England. If you happen to encounter something you love, then just bring this treasure home!

If you are at the crossroad of Pak Sha Road and Yun Ping Road, your eyes would easily be drawn to Museum CONTEX’s huge window on the first floor. This ‘museum’, specialized in selling Harry Porter products, turns out to be their first branch in Asia besides its flagship shop in the UK – also their pop-up store temporarily expected to operate until early next year. ‘To our surprise, there are more Hong Kong Harry Porter fans than what we expected. Although 20 years have passed since the first Harry Porter novel was published, the fans are just as passionate about this magic world as before,’ Michelle expressed.

Talking about the most memorable customer, Michelle told us there is a girl who has already read the entire Harry Porter series 64 times. This university student would come to the store every single week. Sometimes, she would even buy some food to share with the staff and chat with them. Instead of a store, this place resembles more of a museum with no rules, allowing people inside to have genuine communication. Currently located in a revitalized tenement building, Museum CONTEXT further gives out the sense of a hidden paradise, emanating its unique style.

You may feel free to take photos with the writing desk and Gryffindor school robe at the corner, but I am afraid you have to keep your hands away from that over-100-year-old antique cash register. Why? Because this ‘old friend’ is still on duty! For a store with such fun, who could find any reason not to love it?

Museum CONTEXT: 1/F, 19 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay